An Alternate View of the End Times

The subject of the End Times has been debated by many for decades. Most offer a catastrophic interpretation of The End Times. The purpose of this course is to revisit the teachings of Jesus, Paul and John and to examine what they had to say to a first century audience. Every preceding generation has assumed they were the "terminal generation" due to superimposing the upheavals of their time onto the ancient text of the Bible. This is approaching a text without context which always results in a pretext. The moment you take any verse out of its context, you set yourself up to misunderstand what it actually means. What did Jesus and the apostles say about the end times and who were they talking to? This course is intended to offer a different perspective on a topic that has been contentious and quarrelsome. 

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  An Alternate View of the End Times
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An Alternate View of The End Times